Quest Math

I have been working on math research and ideas for a few years and I have completed a draft of my math program: Quest Math. Please contact me to purchase a copy of the Quest Math kit (includes book, cards and dice).

Here are some games and activities that can be done at home – when they fit into the family’s schedule.

Ages 3-4:

1. Counting identical items (the glass stones used in flower vases are perfect).

2. Count along a counting string. This builds one-to-one correspondence.

3. Play Number Line Game – a printable counting game.

Number Line Game 1-20

4. Playing cards – sorting them into suits or numbers.

5. When your child knows some of the numbers, play Concentration. Set out 4 of each of the cards (use only the ones your child knows) face down in a random pattern and turn two over at a time to try and find a match.  This activity builds working memory.

6. When the child has learned the numbers on the cards, play the game Quest. You each start with half the cards. You each flip one over and the largest number wins. If the child only knows the numbers 1-6, then just use those cards from the deck and set the rest aside.

7. Play these printable games:  The Number Line Game or Race to 100. A great store-bought game is Snakes & Ladders.

Number Line Game 1-20

Race to 100

Ages 4 and up:

1. Play games involving rolling dice. Snakes and Ladders is a perfect game for beginners. Once your child can subitize (recognize that the 5 dots makes 5, etc.), you can play with two dice.  Trouble and Sorry! are also great.

2. Number Line Game using +/- cards instead of dice. This builds understanding of addition and subtraction.

Number Line Game 1-20

Number Line Game Cards

3. Play card games – Quest, Kings in the Corner, Crazy 8s.

4. Play board/card games: Rack-O, Backgammon.

5. Your child counts money, you play banker. Have your child count a pile of change, trading in pennies for nickels, etc, to come up with the total. Learning to count using quarters comes in very handy with math questions later on…

Ages 6 and up:

1. Yahtzee: The best math game – hands down – for kids this age is Yahtzee. It builds understanding of probability, facility with calculations, familiarity with multiplication, and involves strategy.

2. Addition or Multiplication Quest: instead of the usual War game, put down 2 cards each and add them to see who has the largest number. Alternatively, multiply the two cards together (face cards would be ten, aces would be 1).

3. Mastermind: Great game requiring logical reasoning

Full list of great math games:

Board and card games for ages 3 to 103:

  • Concentration card game: Working memory
  • Quest card game: Understanding number
  • Number Line Game (1 die): #1-25, subitizing
  • Snakes and Ladders (2 dice): adding, #1-100
  • Rack-O: Numbers: #1-60, probability
  • Addition Quest card game: Addition
  • Multiplication Quest card game: Multiplication
  • Set: card game with shapes/colours: Patterns
  • Yahtzee: Probability, adding, multiplying
  • Monopoly: Strategy, counting, making change
  • Rummy, Euchre card games: Strategy, counting
  • Cribbage: Strategy, counting
  • Mastermind: Logic, hypothesis-testing



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