About me


My background is eclectic – with experience ranging from economic research to working with young children to teaching introductory investment courses. Never bored; always learning pretty much sums up how I approach work and hobbies.

Once an economist, always an economist. For the first 13 years of my career, I was an economist, then director of research at one of Canada’s big banks. I enjoyed making economic ideas clear through publications, presentations and media interviews. The second stage of my career was to re-educate myself and start my own small school, first teaching young children, then becoming a math tutor for elementary and high school students. With a Masters in Economics, a Masters in Education, and a wide array of experience, I have now embarked on the third stage of my career – teaching investing courses. This current venture combines my interest in the investing world with my passion for making complex ideas, analysis and data easy to understand.

Having passed the half-century milestone, I think about work and money differently than when I was in my 20s and 30s. My work goals are much more about my interests and what I want to learn and much less about how much I earn. On the investment side, I am very comfortable placing my long-term investments a diversified portfolio and going along for the long, sometimes bumpy ride.

My favourite quote is definitely Yogi Berra’s line: “the future ain’t what it used to be.” When I look at how, when and where we work, invest and retire, I see so much change over the past few decades. We need to make sure we don’t assume the future will be just like the past – and plan accordingly.